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1. This is a rip.
2. If you don't know him, feel free to not download. Absolutely no one is pressuring you to.
3. Support him if you like the content.
4. I don't do requests.
5. I won't be searching for a specific video for you or picking out specific types of videos for you.
6. Each of these rips have the content creators name in the title and they usually have twitter pages that have extensive previews of what to expect.
7. The comments isn't a whining space. Please go cry about your terrible ratio to someone else.
8. As of now I will not be reading comments on these.

Darkskin handsome(though he rarely shows his face) big booty bottom.
Mostly solo videos but some "gloryhole" videos, raw fucking videos, etc.
2022-07-17 02:21:17
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