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I could not find this video anywhere so I decided to buy it and share it.

Welcome to Brayden’s Storytime Solo. Hot and horny Brayden Wolf had a few hours left of his inaugural visit to GuyBone, so we thought why not get one more scene out of him? I’d had this book lying around for years and always wanted to film someone’s solo jerk off scene with it. The stars aligned and Brayden was that someone. Not sure any other dick would look quite so nice poking through the glory hole-esque pages. Sit back, cuddle up, and enjoy a good boner… er… book with Brayden.

Brayden opened his favorite book and slid his dick through the cutout, introducing our star, his cock. His limp but thick dick took no time at all warming up to the spotlight. He played with it gently, arousing the member, making it stand at attention. I wondered if he would be able to turn the page over top of that behemoth boner. He had already come up with a plan for that, lifting the book off each time. Smart AND sexy. I was so captivated by his deep voice and big dick, he might never have even turned the page and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

His next page was of a hot dog vender. Brayden certainly had a footlong to offer. He laid his throbbing cock down in the bun and I was suddenly very hungry. Didn’t help matters that the following page was more food related imagery. Now Brayden’s boner was standing in for a monkey’s big banana. Fuck, yes, peel that thing open and swallow it whole! He also showed off something else the monkey (and you) might like… his big coconuts. He lifted the book as he jerked his cock and revealed his hefty balls below, drawn tight but still massive in size.

Next up was a sea monster drawing. Brayden slowly slid his dick in and out of the picture, looking like the sea monster was emerging from the depths. Then he noticed his Nessie had a drooling problem. Pre cum drizzled from his piss slit and he dabbed it with his finger, drawing a long strand out beyond the pages of the book.

For the next page, Brayden recommended using SPUNK lube if you’re going to go fishing with your own worm as bait. He slicked up his dick and stroked it through the glory hole. Then he turned the page to reveal an alien friend with a very funny nose. Funny AND fucking hot. Brayden’s bare feet flexed on the floor below, his long hairy legs outstretched and relaxed. It was evident that he was enjoying storytime just as much.

After the alien came a cowboy, riding Brayden’s bucking bronco. Brayden stood up and offered a “ride ‘em cowboy” demonstration by thrusting his erection through the book. Looked like a wild ride any of us would love to take! Yee-haw and giddy-up! Once the ride was over, Brayden turned the page to the final picture. It was a fireman with a very, very big hose. There was a fire that needed to be put out, alright, and it was burning in Brayden’s loins.

He got comfy on the couch again, legs flexed and tight, stiff cock raging and harder than ever. His hairy body was clenched in all the right places and he jerked his dick feverishly. The fireman looked worried about the hefty hose under his arm. Would he be able to control it when the gushing started? Brayden rubbed his hose diligently. He was just as curious to see the “out cum.”

Toes curled, hairy abs tightened, Brayden beat his meat until he couldn’t wait any longer to put the fire out. His hose exploded, hot white cum flowing all over the pages of the book, all over his tummy, and all over his palm as he rubbed it into his shaft. He thanked us all for joining him for storytime and we shall thank him for helping us get off a load just as big as his. Brayden can tuck me in and read me to sleep any day of the week!
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