HazeHim — Michigan Boys Know How To Party

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These Michigan boys know how to party – oh but there’s always one who takes it too far.  I swear this alpha-male looks like he must have moved on to professional porn, because with the way he dominates his brothers and pledges, he shows no fucking mercy!

So what happens, these guys are drinking and partying and playing, waiting for girls, getting bolder and dumber with each moment.  Strip-games, streaking naked, nude wrestling – things just keep getting more extreme as it goes.  Soon enough they’re back in the room, drinking and playing again, when one of them keeps asking about the girls – and eventually gets a strange feeling and leaves.  The other guys don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into but they keep playing along and that’s when things take a bold turn.

Long story short, already naked, the bets keep getting more extreme – grabbing a dick, then sucking a dick – until the alpha-male above began fucking one of his drunker pledges in front of everyone, and that was only the beginning.
2023-05-26 22:47:44
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