Gay Spanking - Control-T-Studios (CTS) - Interoffice Spanking Part 1

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Mr. Sear is looking for Tony gain. Seems like whenever he needs Tony in the front office, Tony is nowhere to be found. Seems Tony is always hanging out at reception flirting with Julie the big-titted receptionist, or Tony is smoking on the loading dock with his buddies, or like today, looking at pussy magazines in the warehouse men?s room while jerking off. Tony?s not exactly bright and it seems he has  forgotten to lock the door. Mr. Sear had about given up looking and went to use the remote men?s room himself. What a big shock he got as he flung the door open on Tony stroking his big Italian cock, juice dribbling down to his balls, and pinching his big-boy nipples. Mr. Sear, deservedly, goes berserk and resorts to the violent, degrading punishments of his own youth. He demands that Tony submit to an old-fashioned, bare-butt spanking right there over the toilet. Tony fears that if he refuses, only further humiliation will befall him. Perhaps Julie the receptionist will hear of his sexual self-abuse. So he arches out his fine rump for the handsome Mr. Sear to inflict his wrath upon. Flinging his tie over his shoulder, Mr. Sear gets down to some serious work on young Tony?s firmly-fleshed butt cheeks as Tony leans over the crapper.
Tony is moaning and grinding into Mr. Sear?s lap as he smacks and flails on Tony?s very red ass. Much to Tony?s humiliation, when he stands up it seems he has leaked and seeped all over the front of Mr. Sear?s pants. Mr. Sear is on a rampage now.

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2012-08-05 19:01:04
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