Luis and Jake Morgan (Plex optimized, HEVC 1080p) BB833

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Welcome back to a very special edition of!

Luis Logan and Jake Morgan are back in this super hot All Star edition!

It all started when Jake Morgan contacted Caruso to let him know that he was going to be in town soon. Jake wanted to know if he could make some extra money and get laid while in the area. Caruso couldn't resist so he told Jake to go through and pick out someone that he'd like to be paired with and Jake picked Luis! When asked why Luis, Jake said because of his big Latin booty!

When Caruso contacted Luis and explained the situation, Luis said that he would be happy to do the scene! He started playing with his ass more and investing in lots of different toys. Now, Luis is addicted to ass-play! And, he wants to feel the real thing thrusting inside of him!

From the moment the camera started recording, Luis and Jake couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Jake wanted that ass and Luis wanted Jake's cock! So, after a short interview and Jake talking about his raring and ready-to-go cock, Caruso told both guys to get naked and have fun! And, they sure did!

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2023-05-21 16:18:27
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