Winner Takes All divx

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These boys from Eastern Europe are playing for keeps in these no "holes" barred games of chance where the Winner Takes All. Ruslan Peterko, Thomas Lee and Richie Taylor take a break from playing in the snow to warm up at a bar. When Thomas finds a dice game on the bar, Ruslan explains that if the guys role the right numbers he will suck them or let them fuck him. Thomas and Richie get lucky and the lads get into a steamy threeway that leaves Ruslan bent over taking it up the ass and Richie with his legs in the air! Sebastian DeLong, Xander Young, Rolo Great and Gary Brickman are playing a friendly game of cards when they decide to make things a little more interesting... Loser has to blow everyone. Even though Sebastian DeLong ends up on his knees, it looks like he doesn't mind it too much. After taking turns blowing all three of the other studs, Xander Young helps him out and then they both give up their tight asses for Rolo and Gary to pound on until they explode. Dion Davydov and Phillip McDean are playing chess but Phillip just can't seem to win and he asks his buddy for some advice. Dion isn't too into sharing his secrets, but has some other tricks he wants to teach Phillip, like how to suck his cock and how guys fuck. The two studs go at it and Phillip's ass takes one hell of a beating from Dion before they both nut all over the place. Toby Rockyd, Rolo Everson, Thomas Wolf and Robbie Master are playing a friendly game of strip spin the bottle, but when all of the clothes come off and the guys are left horny, they have to find a new game to play! After a sucking free for all it turns into a game of "spin the bottom" as Rolo and Robbie take turns bottoming and end up covered in hot cum. Chose Armando and Justin Corner are playing a little game of dominos and it looks like Justin is going to come out on top, or in this case at least win the game. In the end both boys come out on top in a hot flip flop scene that leaves them both satisfied and spent.

Director Danny Ray
Starring Thomas Lee, Chose Armando, Thomas Wolf, Gary Brickman, Justin Corner, Dion Davydov, Sebastian De Long, Rolo Everson, Rolo Great, Robbie Master, Philip McDean, Ruslan Peterko, Toby Rockyd, Richie Tailor, Xander Young

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