Yard Boyz (All Worlds)

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Yard Boyz (All Worlds)
Cast:  Corbin Michaels, David Griffin, Dillon Press, Jason Crew, Joey Lexington, Justin Wells, Rocco De Niro, Scott Mann
Director:  Paul Barresi
It's going to be a hot and sweaty summer with these Yard Boyz. They're working up a sweat in Daddy's backyard. He's really got what it takes to make young buds grow. They cut the grass, give up their ass, and even have to ho! Four men share a summer home in the country. They hire four young guys to work on their yard. The yard boys ends up servicing the men and fulfilling their lust for younger guys.
David Griffin, Dillon Press, Scott Mann and Joey Lexington share more than a summer home. They enjoy fooling around with each other - which is what they did one summer afternoon while the yard boys were working outside. They tumble into bed and give each other head and enjoy each other's bodies, all the while fantasizing about the cute young studs sweating under the hot sun, working on the yard and pool. They take each other's cocks in their mouth, tasting each other's manhood, while giving pleasure and working on their own horny muscles. They end up spilling their pent up lust.
Joey wakes up from a nap after Scott leaves. He steps outside naked and finds Justin Wells naked, trimming the hedges. He grabs the young yard boy's hands, takes him inside the room and throws him onto the bed. He kisses Justin hard on the mouth, which made the young man dick hard. Justin goes down and sucks on Joey's hard rod, working his tongue up and down the shaft and Joey's man sack. Joey flips Justin over on his back and throws his legs up in the air. Then he moistens Justin's butt hole with his tongue and massages the crack with his fingers. Joey teasingly rubs his cock against Justin's crack, then gives the young man a very wet blowjob.
Joey slowly inserts his cock inside Justin's hole, plugging the young, tight ass to the hilt. Justin moans in pleasure with Joey's every thrust. Justin gets into a doggie position to better receive Joey's cock some more, and then decides to ride back saddle on Joey's cock. When he can't hold it any longer, Justin stands over Joey and releases a large load of thick cum on Joey's chest, followed by Joey's own climax.
Scott is sitting in the patio watching Corbin Michaels work on the yard. Rocco notices Scott staring at him and dares Scott to do something about it. Scott reaches out and unzips Corbin's pants and begins deep-throating the young man's boner, while working on his own. Corbin returns the favor and starts going down on Scott as well. Scott gets on all fours and sticks his ass out for Scott, who presses his face against the butt crack and feasts on the hole.
Then he enters Scott's ass from behind, pounding him hard with rhythmic motion. Just then Justin arrives to join the action and feeds his cock for Corbin to suck on. Justin slips on a rubber and fucks Corbin in a missionary position, while Scott pulls on his own hard dick. Justin grabs on to Corbin's hips and pulls it towards him as he continues his assault of Corbin's ass. Meanwhile, Scott is so turned on he shoots a load on his chest. Corbin follows by exploding a big load, while Justin's cock is still inside him pounding away. Finally, Justin blows his own wad of creamy boy juice.
Dillon strips down to take in some sun by the pool as Jason Crew works on cleaning it. Dillon begins rubbing his muscular body all over, concentrating on working on his hard tool while watching Jason work. Jason offers to help out and take care of Dillon's boner by going down on it. Jason undresses and takes his cock out for Dillon to suck on. Jason's cock grows to an impressive long schlong.
He turns around and offers up his young ass for Dillon to eat. Dillon fingers the hole, first with his thumb then by inserting two fingers at the same time. Dillon's cock finds it's way to Jason's hole and begins fucking the young stud, stretching it with his thickness. In and out the cock goes, as Jason begs for more. Jason straddles Dillon cock and rides it like a wild young stallion, his own cock flailing about. Jason unleashes a huge load on Dillon's chest as Dillon reaches his own climax.
David watches as Rocco De Niro washes his car in the nude. Soon, the muscular and tattooed man has Rocco's young cock in his mouth. He lavishes attention on the yard boy's tool, enjoying the sweet taste of the young man cock. David makes Rocco get down on his knees and service his cock, which Rocco obliges with gusto, using his hands and hot lips to bring pleasure to David.
David lies on the back of the flat bed truck and spreads his ass for Rocco, inviting the young stud to plug his hole. Rocco takes the challenge and drills David's hole with his cock. He penetrates David missionary and doggie position, until he sprays a huge splash of cum on David's ass cheeks. David lets go of his own passion with much ecstasy."

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