3some Robin Michaux Gets Fucked By Adam Archuleta & Tim Campbell

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Robin Michaux is one of the hottest bottoms at BELAMIONLINE.COM. He looks gorgeous in his photo shoot for Addicted Swimwear Campaign. Don’t you think he could easily be Abercrombie & Fitch or Tommy Hilfiger model?

Lucky for us, this week Bel Ami released a 2-part sex scene where this hot model Robin Michaux gets tag-teamed by Adam Archuleta and Tim Campbell condom-free.

This scene requires the I explain a little about our production process. Firstly GD decides who will be filming with who and conveys this information to the production manager, Phillipe. Next Phillipe organizes the boys and makes sure they all turn up on set at the correct time. Today however Milan Sharpe decides to take advantage of the having 2 big dicked guys together and tricks them into believing that they are filming with him, instead of their intended screen partner Robin Michaux. He almost gets away with it too until Robin turns up and unceremoniously evicts him from the set and takes over right from where they left off.
2014-10-14 16:00:01
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