RS - The Big Island

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Title:  The Big Island

Studio:  Pistol Media, distributed by Raging Stallion

Director:  David Hempling

Starring:  Jason Crew, Jay Black, Justin Christopher, Marc LaSalle, Mario Cruz, Rambo, Troy Plowman

Resolution:  640x400
Codec:  MP4v video; MPGa audio; 1500 kbps bitrate
Runtime:  02:21:34
File Size:  1.50 GB

No story here and no dialog, other than moans and other related noises; just 2 hours and 20 minutes of sex, most of it outdoors. This is a rip from the DVD and the quality is pretty good; just a bit fuzzy and a bit over-exposed at times as the camera tries to compensate for all of that island sun. If you're a fan of interracial sex with the black men on the bottom, you should definitely add this video to your collection.

From the studio:

Pounding waves spray black sand beaches. Tall coconut trees and lush tropical flowers sway in soft island breezes. Director David Hempling leads the pick of Raging Stallion's sensually exotic stable of performers as they suck, frolic, and fuck out in the open, under aqua blue skies on THE BIG ISLAND.

Scene 1 - MARC LASALLE and JASON CREW play in the rooftop pool at one of Hawai'i's gay bed and breakfast getaways. JASON's long, ten-incher grows quickly between MARC's hungry lips in the morning sun and MARC can't get enough. Soon they're in the pool and MARC takes more of JASON's big cock down his throat. Feeling a chill, they switch to the jacuzzi where soft bubbles caress MARC's beautiful, dark body while he feverishly chows down on JASON's monster. Then JASON gets MARC on all fours and plows MARC's dark ass globes in long, pounding strokes. Wanting it deeper, MARC straddles JASON poolside and rides that big cock for all it's worth. The two cum with explosive jets of creamy goo. AloHAH!

Scene 2 - Next up, beautifully sensuous MARIO CRUZ gives us a solo in a lush tropical garden. His long uncut snake and low hanging fruit sack are tempting, to be sure. MARIO turns around to show off his amazing, smooth, perfect ass. He spreads his cheeks open invitingly. Squeezing his pointed nipples, he beats off ropes of sticky cum under the shining sun. Pele is pleased!

Scene 3 - In a tree house hideaway surrounded by lily-padded, bubbling koi ponds, JUSTIN CHRISTOPHER and MARC LASALLE kiss tenderly. Their hands roam over each other's beautiful, muscled bodies. A light tropical shower herds them indoors where we find them in a sensuous sixty-nine. MARC takes on JUSTIN's uncut, fat, ten-inch cock, diving down to the root while JUSTIN laps at MARC's own impressive man meat. JUSTIN's cinnamon is the perfect complement to MARC's chocolate as the two position themselves for a fervent fuck. JUSTIN slides into MARC's eager ass and whips MARC to a frenzied frappe. 'Ono! Mikomiko! (Delicious!)

Scene 4 - Back in the jungle, thick muscled, tattooed RAMBO settles beneath an outcrop of fat bamboo and whips out his own impressive stalk. His massive, dark frame belies his tender, sensual gazes as he gives us an eyeful of his ink followed by his own spraying cream. Nui loa kane! (Very Manly!)

Scene 5 - Beside a grass, thatched roof hut, JASON CREW has another willing mouth to feed. TROY PLOWMAN's sky blue eyes look up at JASON as JASON's meat grows and grows inside TROY's mouth. JASON grabs TROY's head and pumps his hips in and out and TROY takes it all like a pro. Soon, the two settle on the grass, beneath the noonday sun for a fantastic flip-flop fuck finale culminating in JASON's drilling down into TROY's upturned ass. 'Oi loa! (The Best!)

Scene 6 - We've saved the best for last, to be sure, where we find shirtless, sexy JAY BLACK raking the lawn in a beautiful island paradise garden. JUSTIN CHRISTOPHER saves JAY from the heat, bringing him ice water which he playfully pours over JAY's smooth, perfect face and body. The two embrace and embark on an incredible sex adventure of their own. JUSTIN sucks JAY beneath a nearby tree, devouring every inch of JAY's smooth, dark, delicious body, coaxing JAY's cock to rigid attention. Soon, the two are surrounded by towering bamboo, where JAY lovingly tongues JUSTIN's big cock to full, rigid hardness. The look in JAY's eyes says it all. They retreat to a sun-drenched deck and JAY writhes and rides JUSTIN's huge cock through waves of pounding pleasure. Hemolele! (Perfect!)
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