Brock Masters Collection

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This pack includes, to the best of my knowledge, every porn scene ever released starring Brock Masters, who was something of a big deal in the late 90s/00s porn scene.  I always thought he was very hot.  If I had to pick a favorite film from this collection, it would probably be Off Limits, although there are several great ones, and none truly bad.  All of his movies were for Centaur Films, except for his one-film return (and first bareback film) Hole RoBBers by Cre8tive Juices.

I have never seen a torrent of the uncensored version of Time Cops, which includes a DP scene (although not one of Brock's scenes).  If anyone has one, uploading it would be a GREAT favor!

A list of films:

Time Cops (1998)
Off Limits! (1999)
Wild Rangers (2002)
Man Academy 2: Rites of Passage (2002)
Navy Blues: Deeper in the Brig (2003)
Wild Rangers 2: Hardcore Training Camp (2004)
Wild Rangers 3: Hot on Their Tail! (2005)
Marine Crucible 2: Cocked and Loaded (2007)
Hole RoBBers (2011)

I was torn over category.  Since all but one of these films include military/law enforcement/military academy themes, military seemed appropriate.
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