Big Dick Explosion 6 - Dawgpound USA Dvd

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It's no secret Dawgpound has the top big-ass dicks in the biz, and only hook-ups with serious, dick-loving bruthas. Mike Mann, king of the big-dickers, hits Krave's booty long 'n' hard. Gotta love it when D'Angelo throws his wide-spread legs in the air so Python can plunge him deep. Sarge (that fine-ass muthafucka) takes Ush's shlong like a STAR. Cutie Smurf gotta real taste for Diamond Dick and ain't afraid to show it. And let's not forget long-strokin' exclusive Mr. Big, always bringin' slurpable pipe to the party. It's world-premiere big dicks & deep ass-fuckin' at the Dawgpound! Catch it.
2023-02-15 09:03:15
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