Eurocreme - Danny Star & Jonny Jazz - Dawn of the Dick

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Time: 21 min
Things get off to a flying start with gorgeous blonde cutie Jonny Jazz, who’s putting his full, sweet lips to great use by wrapping them around the fat, quivering cock belonging to pal Danny Star! Watching these two even kiss makes your cock hard, with Jonnys slender, smooth body pressed up against dark-haired Dannys more athletic, lightly muscled form. What both boys share, however, is perfect, pale skin and a love of long, pulsating dicks!! Its lucky then, that both of them are packing some impressive boners in their boxers! Danny returns the favour to Jonny, swallowing his entire shaft, before he gets down to fucking his own up into the blondes tight, cock-hugging hole!! The scene cums to a close, quite literally, as Jonny shoots over his own chest, before Danny dumps a thick, sticky mess over Jonnys angelic face!!
2023-05-22 19:10:19
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