Hollywood Fight Club 2

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Can-Am Productions

Since Brad Pitt's sensational fight club movie, multiple fight clubs featuring styles like street fighting, boxing, and no-holds-barred-wrestling have become enormously popular. Boss Sexton's HOLLYWOOD FIGHT CLUB 2 beefs up the furious winner-takes-the-bucks action into hardcore sex eliminations. Starring Can-Am exclusives Michael Vineland and Drake Davenport, plus hardbody hotties Brad Boyer, Aaron Mark, Kaya Rydell, and Patrick Femel.... these six arrogant, cocky, wrestle fighters deliver enough dirty fighting action and animal sex to satisfy the most demanding fan. Fight club manager Brad Boyer (aka Jobe Zander) explains the rules and collects $200.00 from each of the fighters for a cash pot win of $1,200.

Patrick Femel and Kaya Rydell are the first two combatants to show up. Soon joining the strip and flex studs are Drake Davenport, then Aaron Mark. And the last two fighters Brad Boyer and Michael Vineland make for a very hot six pack/sex pack of hot bodies, bad tempers, and dirty fighters willing to do what ever to win the $1,200. Everybody fights everybody. Everybody gets beat up. Several fighters get involved in sweaty hot cock sucking, butt fucking, multiple submissions, and multiple cum shots. Director Boss Sexton clearly enjoys his "work" directing his sextet of fine young muscle studs into every conceivable hold and position to bring to you the hottest "fight club" video you've ever seen. Order up.

This video was filmed in HD (High Definition) and is available on both regular DVD and Blu-ray BDR DVD.
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