CK DOWNLOAD – [maniac オリジナル]No 012 完全童貞! 19才超巨根ノンケがガン掘られ射精!! – ORWEMA012

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Release Date: 2022-06-29
We are proud to present the first new release in the "maniac SPY CAM" series!
This time, we spy on a straight guy who applied for a job as a porn actor, unaware that it was a fake job advertisement!
He has been a virgin for 19 years and has never had a boyfriend! She masturbates more than 20 times a week and has a strong sexual appetite. She also has a huge cock that her friends have already approved of, which is a sight to behold even under normal circumstances! She takes advantage of her teenage naivete to play a prank on a straight complete virgin by calling it a premature ejaculation check! She is shy, but the pleasure of sucking a dick for the first time in her life makes her cum instantly! He is so shy, but he is about to come right away when he feels the pleasure of sucking a cock for the first time in his life! This 19 year old is even made to shake her own hips with a dildo as practice for a reverse anal project! A completely straight virgin who is getting buggered and excited by her first erotic experience with a stranger in her life! She gets her first kiss and even gets a blowjob! The staff takes advantage of the virgin's excitement and steals her ass virginity! The 19 year old moans "It feels so good" when she gets dug for the first time, whether it's because of the excitement or the real pleasure! Not only does she have sex for the first time in her life with a man, but she even comes while being dug!

『maniac SPY CAM』シリーズの初公開となる新作をお届け!
その顔立ちからは予想だにしなかった恋人いない歴19年のまさかの完全童貞! オナニーは週20回以上という性欲強めな19才! しかも友達からも公認済みの通常時でも見ごたえのある超巨根! 10代の世間知らずっぷりを悪用し早漏チェックと称し完全童貞ノンケに悪戯! 恥ずかしがりながらも人生初のフェラの快感に即イキしそうになる完全童貞超巨根! 寸止めされるたびにヒクヒクと動いてしまうフル勃起超巨根! 逆アナル企画の練習と称し、ディルド相手にセルフ腰振りまでさせられる19才! 人生初の他人とのエロ体験にバグって興奮し始める完全童貞ノンケ! ファーストキスを奪われ、そして遂にフェラ奉仕までも! 完全童貞の興奮に付け込みアナル処女を奪うスタッフ! 興奮ゆえか、リアルな快感ゆえか初掘られで「気持ちいい」と喘ぐ19才! 「(チンポが)入ってる方が気持ちいい…」と人生初SEXを男に奪われただけでなく、掘られイキまでしてしまう完全童貞超巨根ノンケ!
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