FC2 – FC3099470

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Release Date: 2022-09-23
Comment:Umi-UMI, the handsome 19-year-old gymnastic student who was a big hit in "Lust," is back again! This time, she manages to persuade him to fall in love with her again, even though he had been refusing to do it! His sensitive cock swells up right from the start of the film, and he takes his time to get into it! When he sucks her cock, her face is contorted and she is in ecstasy! She also gets her first ass licking and says, "Oh, that feels so good..."! He also wiggles his hips against the staff member's pussy, and even agrees to kiss her, which he had been reluctant to do! Lastly, he shaved his ass to the very last inch, and when he ran out of patience, he popped! Pssst! He shot his cum so fast and so vigorously! His cumming face is always so erotic!
コメント:欲情で大ヒットしたあの19歳イケメン体育学生 海-UMI-が再び登場!今作では男攻めはちょっと…と拒んでいた彼をなんとか説得し再び男攻めの快感に堕ちてもらいます!敏感なおちんちんは開始早々ムクムク膨れ上がりじっくりねっとり攻めていきます!フェラ攻めには顔を歪ませ恍惚の表情を浮かべる!さらに初めてのケツ舐めには「あぁ気持ちいい…」と感じまくり!さらにスタッフのクチマンコにズボズボと腰を振り、嫌がっていたキスにも応じてくれた彼!ラストは海老剃りで寸止めをし我慢の限界でドピュッ!ピュッ!と勢いよくザーメンをぶちまける!いつ見ても彼のイキ顔はたまらなくエロいです!!
2023-05-22 19:31:59
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