ASG Ken and Brent

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Every once in a while a guy crosses our path who is so fucking hot and so fun that we just can't wait to share him with ya. 28 year old Brent is just such a guy. A bi construction worker, Brent contacted us about exploring his sexual fantasies of being filmed and having fun. Brent is married and his wife is also really hot about seeing him on video...seems that they have had a few fun bi experiences and so they thought why not film it?

Hell yah! Brent spent a lot of time with us at Ken's last week and after participating in a few flicks he was still we set up this hot flick with him and Ken for you. Ken has been aching to fuck a hot ass lately and Brent was more than willing to try it out. So we slipped away into Ken's room, shut the door, turned on the camera and the ass pounding began. It just doesn't get any hotter than this guys! Enjoy.
2013-07-24 11:11:33
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