Tom Lord Muscle # Detention in Tom Lord's Dungeon # Aarin Asker and Tom Lord

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This may be one of Tom’s best videos ever… An intense hookup. Tom broke in this sub slut Aarin a few months back and after, Aarin continued emailing him, literally begging to be taken to a deeper level of muscle worship and submission. Tom invited him to a private huge dungeon (never before seen in any of his videos) and caged him, beginning his detention and service. Watch their private session in this one hour HD video filled with muscle worship, giant dick service, deep rimming, assplay, piss and major loads of cum.

Studio: Tom Lord Muscle
Models: Aarin Asker, Tom Lord
Duration: 00:52:40
Resolution: 1080p
File Size: 8,31GB
2023-07-06 23:43:39
7.74 GB (8,313,602,614 bytes)
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