Feitsh Force - Backyard Boys - 1080p

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Blake Daniels, Blue Bailey, Leo Forte, Logan Stevens, Preston Steel, Race Cooper, Shay Michaels

Anal, BDSM, Big Dick, Boots, Cage, CBT, Fingering, Jerk-Off, Nip Play, Oral, Piercings, Puppy Play, Restraints, Rimming, Sounding, Submission, Toys

When the carnival closes up for the night, these twisted carnies and side show freaks head out to the 'Backyard' to perform intense fetish acts on each other. Meet the Backyard Boys who revel in every kink and fetish that director Tony Buff dreams up. Preston Steel, known to his fellow carnies as Meatbag, gets things moving sharing super intense hardcore sex with sculpted Race Cooper. Shay Michaels is the side-show Wild Man, with carnal appetites so base, he's kept chained and caged, but devilish Leo Forte turns it out with this insatiable beast. Blue Bailey and Blake Daniels bring yards of muscle to the table, though the table is made of hay bales and there's a pulley overhead by which Blake hoists Blue up by his heels. Blue gets an all-over shocker with electroshock before Blake offers relief via a tongue bath and edging. Meatbag is back for more with a foot massage and blow job from scraggly, toe-slurping ginger, Logan Stevens, who tops it off with bondage for dessert. Leo Forte wasn't done with the Wild Man, Shay Michaels and this time he clips electrodes to a sounding rod and a brass butt plug to punch-fuck Shay's prostate with bolts of electricity. Wild Man gets even wilder. Meatbag can't get enough and he's back for sounding with Race, before we get back to Blake and Blue who deliver one last hardcore fuck session and go over the edge in the Backyard. The twisted ingenuity of director Tony Buff, the man behind the curtain, sets these appetites in action and drives these Backyard Boys to gushing release.
2022-09-24 15:03:42
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