Sneek Peek - STR8 LOADS 1 - Jason - The Directors Cut

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The First Time

Vinnie Russo is one hot stud and his new job as photographer and talent scout for Sneek Peek Productions lets him use his best talents and allows him to "get a little" in the process. Vinnie met Jason in line at a fast food joint. He chatted with the guy, found out he was 20 years old, 6'2" tall, 175 lbs., Irish-Italian, and was employed as a construction worker. He also found out that his girl friend wasn't putting out and that he was horny 24/7. Well, that's all Vinnie needed to know to make his offer. They head back to Vinnie's place to shoot some test photos and a demo video, Jason stripping to show off his smooth body with the barbed wire tattoo.

Vinnie has him pull out his dick through the fly of his boxers and we watch as it stiffens right up before our eyes. I haven't seen such a perfect set of cock and balls in a long time. Vinnie and Jason talk trash about sex and blow jobs and the girls Vinnie is gonna hook him up with. When Vinnie pushes the limits and grabs Jason's cock for a hand job the dude pops his nut right away. Like I said though, Jason is horny 24/7 and his cock never goes soft. Vinnie works him over again, first with his hand and then with his mouth and gets Jason with spunk off again while he's mouthing his dick.

Back Again

After the first session Jason put down some rules about what he would and wouldn't do...but he came back a week later for another go-round. This time there no pretense, a couple of quick pictures and then Jason's ready for Vinnie to go to work on his dick...and the fucker's hard as soon as his pants are yanked off.

Vinnie is down on Jason's dick in a flash and sucking like crazy. Vinnie sucks a load of cum from the straight dude's cock and once again, Jason stays hard so Vinnie does him again and gets another load of cum for his efforts. Jason is still hard when he gets dressed and leaves.

Third Time's The Charm

It's been a few month since Vinnie last saw Jason and then he shows up, out-of-the-blue, to get reacquainted. Jason hops in the shower to get cleaned up from work and strokes up a boner in the shower. Back in the bedroom and all freshened up, Vinnie takes a few more snaps of this boy's gorgeous body and hard cock, then goes down on him. He sucks Jason hard and deep and is rewarded with Jason's first load...but Jason can't stop at just one. Jason is standing this time and face fucking Vinnie with both hands on Vinnie's head. He pulls out just in time to spurt his second load on Vinnie's face.

This one is rather low quality, it's a VHS rip with low resolution.
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