Island Studs - Tony

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Tony is a 6'3" tall and ripped 20 year old boy who is addicted the gym and the warm tropical weather found on our Island. He is dedicated to working out 6 days a week and it shows!  He has a full 8-pack of abs and huge biceps from his hardcore regimen! Dark and handsome, Tony is a unique ethnic mix of Italian and Native American!  Like our muscle stud Chase, he is able to flex his pecs separately.  Once he removes his shirt for the camera he shows us how he can cause his pecs to bounce up and down with ease.  Like his best friend Brad, Tony wears two sets of 'shorts' under his blue jeans! When I ask him why he wears so many layers of clothes, he replies with a big smile,  "A SPECIAL package needs a lot of wrapping!"  And yes, Tony does have a VERY special package between his legs. This Italian Stallion has a perfect long and straight dick with a distinctive arrow head. A real live Native American cock!  Once he starts to jerk his long dong Tony begins to relax and get into his perfect body. He really enjoys playing with his hairy nut sack while as jerks his rock hard cock! My favorite moment in this film is when he releases his hard dick allowing it to throb fully erect skyward and then grabs his pecs:  pinching his nipples with both hands.  Like Joshua and Charlie, Dirty Tony likes his nipples played with!  Fully naked and with his hard dick throbbing red, Tony flexes his muscles for the camera. Check out his fully nude ripped hard body from both front and back!  This is one solid gym physique!  The pure power of Tony's nut when he finally cums is awesome. He shoots all the way up his body, hitting himself in the neck and unloads the rest of his creamy load on his abs! Wow! This is one sexy Island Stud with a powerful cum shot!
2011-03-03 04:12:41
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