[Get Film] GT-1954 女の子大好きなスリム敏感ボーイがマシンガンピストンで激掘られイキ♪

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A 20-year-old slim, sensitive boy who loves girls, he makes his first appearance on GET-film, and this time he and HIDETO engage in some intense live sex! In the interview at the beginning, he is asked about his favorite girl, touched on the top of the pants he is wearing, and has a raw change of pants (lol).
When the interview is over, he and HIDETO share a thick kiss. When he bulges out the pants he changed into during the interview, he sucks HIDETO's cock, which is now erect! Now she turns his ass around and licks his ass with her fingers and down!

First, he inserts himself backwards! HIDETO's hips start to move faster and faster as his raw hole feels good and he asks for another kiss! HIDETO thrusts his sensitive boy hole one after another, from side position to cowgirl position!

HIDETO grabs him by the shoulders and starts to pound him hard, and then he gets his own handjob and sprays cum all over the sensitive boy's hole while he's getting pounded! Inspired by this, HIDETO slowly grabs both of his legs and pistons him hard! He sprays his thick cum all over her, making her body a white stain.... GET-film



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