Jalif Studio - Casting Madrid 2 (avi)

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This time we went to Madrid looking for new guys for our films. We were not disappointed at all.
Our friends Aitor Crash, Martin Mazza and Joe Groc didn't hesitate to help us test the new guys. They were all very hot!
These guys had strong hard-ons and behaved the way we like it: just like pigs! It was pretty hot in the capital...
Dirty fuck action, dildos, watersports, sneakers and beer showers.
We want our castings to become dirtier and dirtier. We think we took the right street!


Aitor Crash, Ivan, Joe Groc, Kid Chocolate, Louie Pitt, Martin Mazza, Pablo Sanz, Rafa Madrid, Raul Kema, Roko
Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bareback, Skins, Cruising,
Water Sports, dildos, lot of beer
Director: Jalif
Length: 120 minutes
Production Year: 2007

2011-04-24 20:04:39
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