Freshmen Issue 28 Complete 810p

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Freshmen - Issue 31 [Complete 810p]

Phil Jarreau with Adam Archuleta & Andre Boleyn

Phil Jarreau is the penultimate freshmen of this round before we go into our summer recruitment season. For a little while then we will be concentrating on our search for new boys to give to you next round. When it comes to Phil, you will get to see more of him in June during our 'Summer Break' series over on BelAmiOnline.In this first scene he becomes yet another pawn in the ongoing competition between Adam and Andre, who are having a competition as to who can bag the most newcomers. In this scene though, they gallantly decide to share, since they can happily agree that stealing him from Kevin (who he is supposed to be training with) is a more worthwhile goal.
Bastian Dufy & Damian Chapelle
Damien Chapelle is arriving for what he thinks will be a swimwear photo session for a efamous agencyf, when Bastian decides to test his capabilities for shooting porn as well. Based on the story line, we can tell that this is quite an early scene for Damien, from his period of 'innocence', but based on his performance you would never be able to tell.
Adam & Danny
Most of our oral scenes here fall in to one of 2 categories, a) early rehearsals, or b) the beginnings of scenes that never get finished. We're not quite sure what the case is here with Adam and Danny, but regardless it hopefully turned out interestingly enough for you to watch and enjoy.

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