CK DOWNLOAD – [maniac オリジナル]地方から出てきたばかりの18才ノンケの秘密の小遣い稼ぎ!! – ORWEMA002

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Release Date: 2021-06-09
The first new release in the "maniac SPY CAM" series!
This time, we spy on a straight guy who applied for a job as a porn actor, not knowing that it was a fake job advertisement!
He is an 18 year old virgin with only one experience with a woman and one experience with sex! A corrupt interviewer tries to take advantage of the straight guy's situation: he just came from the countryside and has no money! When he offers her money... The 18 year old struggles between her rationality of refusing the offer and the lure of money! She even says "I like it a little bit..." as she's being anally tortured!

『maniac SPY CAM』シリーズの初公開となる新作をお届け!!
女性経験1人で、しかもSEX経験1回というほぼ童貞18才! 地方から出てきたばかりで金がないというノンケの境遇を利用しようと企む悪徳面接官! 金をチラつかされて… 断らなければという理性と、金の魅力の狭間で葛藤する18才! アナル責めをされて「ちょっと良い…」と思わず口にしてしまう場面も!
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