BWNs Tiger Collection Part 3

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Tiger…Tiger…stop shocking the dick!  Where they got this from, I’ll never know but you gotta electrocute a dude to get control?  Sexy, mature Kidd Fresh (astonishingly virile with age) will never be the same after your dirty trick!

In part 3 Tiger takes on taller and thicker opponents in Big Mike (my kinda thick), Stich, and Kidd Fresh and strips down to his birthday suit to wow us with his skill.  Indeed, we hear the tiger roaring in these bouts to complete his collection and see that the little guy is blessed with something big in addition to his immense talent.  The BWN mat continues to scream when our Tiger is on the floor!

There is no sex but full nudity in some parts of these uploads, undress them with your eyes!  Enjoy!

This upload contains the following files:

Lightweights 26 Tiger vs. Stitch
Naked Gut Check 4 Tiger vs. Trouble
Naked Wrestling 7 Tiger vs. Prettyboy Roy
Naked Wrestling 8 Tiger vs. Sir Rocc
Predator & Prey 3 Tiger vs. Prettyboy Roy
Predator & Prey 4 Tiger vs. Big Mike
Predator & Prey 5 Tiger vs. Thrilla
Submission 44 Tiger vs. Sherod
Tag Team Beatdown 17 The Freak Show Tiger - Stitch vs. Big Mike
XTRA! 50 Tiger vs. Chris Styles
Xtra! 57 KO2 tiger vs. Big Mike
Xtra! 59 KO3 Trouble vs Tiger
Xtra! 62 KO5 Tiger vs Thrilla
Xtra! 64 Tiger’s Tazer with Kidd Fresh
XTRA! 68 KO6 Tiger vs. Thrilla

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BWN flesh2 Tiger v Fetish:

BWN soakingwet10 Tiger v Sgt. English:

BWN brute force 33 Tiger v Blk Rhino:

BWN gutcheck4 Tiger v Trouble:

BWN bigbrother5 Tiger v Leopard:

BWN brute42 Tiger v Punisher:

BWN tigertazer2 Tiger v Lil Buck:

BWN BLACK BOX 11 Tiger v Akecheta:

BWN Predator & Prey 2 Tiger vs. Elijah:

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