Breeder Fuckers: Bobby Session, Part 6

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Trained to French kiss men, put on display in schoolboy uniform, ballgagged, cock teased till he's erect, taut muscular body slicked up with grease and oil, made to suck two cocks, arsehole displayed, fingered and fucked with dildo.

Mechanic Bobby bursts in enraged that his Mrs has left him after photos of him being sexually roughed up by men have circulated everywhere online. With his boyish handsome look he's got the perfect look for the Skoolboy scene we've been planning. He's wrangled into a room where he's dressed up in uniform and put on display with his arms bound behind his back. Reaching into the open fly of his trousers we can feel how eager he is. We want this boy to learn real gay romance so we get him to stick out his pink tongue for some hot hard manly kissing. His oral needs some improvement. Time to chow down on dick. With two big hard cocks in his face Bobby is ordered to turn back and forth to service them as much as possible.

All the while he must stare pleadingly into the camera with his big saucer eyes. Every thrust into his drooling gob forms an apple in his cheek. Those big full lips look so good locked over a stiff cock it's like he was born to do this. He's turned around with his arsehole fully on display. Presented on the podium like this it's like Bobby is up for auction with his hole going to the highest bidder. His arse is greased up and fingered so the red-faced lad grimaces in shock. While his hole is being drilled into he must also suck the dick thrust in his face. With his body painfully twisted and being screwed from every direction this straight boy finally learns who is boss.
2014-05-09 16:30:05
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