Magnificent Cowboys (1971) [720p]

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Have to call this a fan edit as I've replaced some of the music and cut out 3 random shots of a chicken!?!
Had the film for a long time (one of my faves) but the audio was completely fracked. I finally 'found' a version where the audio was complete but the res had been played around with, looked like someone tried to widescreen it, losing the top and bottom of film.

My original copy had been plastered with Ennio Morricone spaghetti western music to cover the bad audio and I missed it in this version so where there was no dialogue - or sex scenes with OG music only (no sound effects) I put in a few of Ennio's tracks.

I'd already put the film thru an AI enhancer (light touch only so more about cleaning the edges up and increasing the resolution to 960x720).

I rendered it out to Quicktime (better sound quality) at 3200 Kb/s using DaVinci Resolve (shout out to the best free video editor out there) then Best-Quality compressed it to MP4 x264 (best compatibility).
Hope you enjoy it.

Director: Dick Martin
Writer: Art Gamble
Release date: 1971 / 2
Production: Jaguar Productions

Cliff Masters (The Young Cowboy)
Chuck Ryan (The Rancher)
Gordon Harris (The Cowboy)
Kentucky Man (The Outlaw)
Burt Kelly (The Store Keeper)
Roy Steele (The Assistant Store Keeper)

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