Forbidden Desire (Tesão Proibido) Part 2

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After catching his employee fucking his son’s ass in his living room, Marcelo doesn’t understand what is happening to him and then begins to have a forbidden desire to fuck his own son’s ass too. While Heitor is in his bedroom watching a movie, Marcelo decides to take a shower and when he returns he is only in a towel lying on the bed. Heitor falls asleep and begins to have a dream about his father and start to jerking off. Marcelo can’t resist the temptation and starts to fuck his son’s ass while he’s sleeping. Heitor wakes up and loves what’s going on and surrenders to his father’s arms, who fucks his ass with desire. After the two both cum, they stay in bed caressing and exchanging kisses, meanwhile DH Zayd arrives and catches the two both naked in bed together. What will happen going forward?
2023-07-08 05:24:31
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