Tickle Heaven 3 - Mental Hazard (Disc 1) [Studio at-B]

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The third in the Tickle Heaven series by Studio at-B.

Three young cute Japanese guys having some tickle fun.  First they have some play dressed in full body spandex suits (zentai).  They tickle their friend in the green with feathers, then tie him to a cage door where they tickle him and play with his nipples until he actually appears to lose control and piss his zentai! 

Then the three take turns in bondage, switching to speedos.  They each get tickled in different positions.

Finally green zentai is shackled in a shower.  (Time to clean up after the first segment!) They spray him down, then cut out parts of his spandex suit to tickle the exposed skin.  Finally they release his cock and stroke him to orgasm.  Light masking.

This is the first in a two disc set.  Look for the second disc to be posted soon!

Any seed bonus and comments appreciated.  Hope you enjoy!
2013-06-10 00:26:25
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