Biker Pigs From Hell

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Format: mp4
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Length: 01:30:24

Studio: Wildcats
Year: 1999
Actors: Bo Garrett, Steve Cannon, Joe Romero, Frank Parker, Eduardo
Director:  Thor Stephens

Synopsis: Bo Garrett plays a biker gang member whose money and bike have just  been stolen by a trick (Steve Cannon, now with shaved head and more ink and piercings than ever). Bo spreads the word to his gang that he's on the lookout for the thief, but they seem more interested in getting high and fucking the shit out of each other.
Chad Donovan forces two gang buddies to swallow his superthick cock in the back of Garrett's pickup, before moving into his garage and three-waying. Bo stops off at Joe Romero's place to see if he's seen the thief, but Joe's already busy with bottom-boy Dean Spencer.
Potty-mouthed Joe empties his 'bag-of-goodies' and proceeds to ram an ever growing in size collection of dildoes up Dean's ass before raping him with his real cock. As one of Garrett's henchmen on the lookout, Eduardo bottoms nicely for Tonyboy when he accidently mistakes him for the thief.
When Bo finally catches up with Steve, hang on to your ballsack! Bo furiously ties Steve's cock, balls and arm to his bike, humiliates the shit out of him, and gives him the reaming of his life. Cannon, with new tattoo (the word 'Sinner,' right above his ass) looks fantastic and Garrett never looked better.
Boasting excellent photography and production, Biker Pigs is a must for biker enthusiasts, fans of filth, and even vanilla queens who always fantasized about getting it from a 'real man.' Vroom!

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