Heat of Summer / Sommerhitze (mpg)

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Heat of Summer

Cast:  Florian Manns, Jochen, Lars Freimann, Nikolai Radov, Sebastian

Director:  Jörg Andreas

Country:  Germany

Length: 1 hr 30 min

Year: 2000

A.K.A.: Sommer Hitze , Sommerhitze


This serves up yet another heaping lovin' spoonful of young hung uncut Germanic boystuds in this ode to sweat and sex.
-Keeneye Reeves

From the press notes:
"A horde of sexy boys spend their summer vacation on a farm. In the height of summer lust they can't control the heat. They spurt their juice everywhere. In the barn, in the hay and in the fields under the moonlight. Couples, threesomes and all together - everyone doing it with someone's dick! Even Nikolai, the steamy farm boy, shows his cock. The others learn that he doesn't just ride horses.

Only in the German countryside does it get this down and dirty."

A horde of sexy boys spend their summer vacation on a farm. Couples, threesomes and all together - everyone doing it with someone's dick! Only in the county does it get this down and dirty!

This is the story of two brothers, played by Lars Freimann and Florian Manns, and their summer vacation away from home. Freimann invited Manns to go with him and his lover, Jochen, to their friend's farm located east of Berlin, along with his friend Sebastian, who he's hoping will hook up with his brother. Manns is a cutie who's not as innocent as his brother thinks he is.

Their first night there wasn't an easy one. Manns gets stuck in the room next to his brother's and isn't too thrilled about the thin walls. Freimann and Jochen are totally oblivious to the noise they're making and keep going at it. They wrestle a little, humping each other through their clothes. It's playful and kind of sweet. Then Freimann fingers his lover's ass and drills into him in this short but good scene.

The next night, Manns is lying in bed awake, tortured by the noise coming through the walls. Once he's had enough, he goes outside for some fresh air and runs into Sebastian. He's kicking it out there, watching Freimann and Jochen's reflection from the window. Sebastian offers Manns a joint, and he accepts. The two boys get stoned, and things start to happen fast. Sebastian begins to touch and kiss Manns. He pulls his cock out and sucks it like a Hoover before sliding his meat deep inside Manns' virgin ass. They flip-flop till they both spray each other with their cum. Manns instantly falls in love with him and becomes happy and confused all at the same time. They spend the next couple of days together in total bliss.

Meanwhile, Freimann and Jochen go to the backyard for a romp of their own. The two suck and fuck as Nikolai Radov, the silent, hunky Romanian caretaker, secretly watches them. He's totally enthralled by the vision of Jochen spreading Freimann's legs apart and sliding his hard cock in him.

The next day, Freimann gets out of bed and goes out back where Radov is swimming in the lake. Radov coolly gets out of the water and towels off. Then he jumps on his horse, completely naked, and rides away. Later on that same day, Radov is in his room stroking his beefy chest and hard cock. Freimann follows him and watches for a while before kneeling down before him and sucking his member. The two jack each other off and cuddle in his bed.

Freimann and Radov take off together, and Sebastian and Jochen disappear, so Manns heads for the lake by himself. On his way there, he sees Sebastian and Jochen making out. Shocked and hurt, Manns runs to the house to cry his eyes out. Sebastian tries to make him feel better by kissing and licking him. Jochen joins in and sucks him. This great threesome has Manns and Jochen flip-flopping and Sebastian taking it all. The next day, no one speaks.

After some fireworks, a campfire and a short blowjob between Freimann and Radov in the barn, all of the boys appear on a white blanket in their tighty whities. Everyone sucks someone in this big all-oral orgy scene. It's really cool, they're sort of lying on top of each other, grabbing the closest dick to them and sucking it. Two days later, their vacation ended, and things were never the same again.

The story is in German with English subtitles. It kind of plays out like a Judy Blume novel. You know: It happened one summer, the summer that changed their lives forever. Plus, there's lots of illicit sex. Don't pass this one up. 

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