Le Salon- Pleasure Peak (N Wayvo Richhe Productions) (Pre-Condom) (1985)

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Ram, the ancient Egyptian god of sex, plays a pivotal ploy in this fast paced, action packed, hot...hot sexual romp! Ram, in guise of a mysterious statue, appears and disappears in the lives of various young men always sparking sexual heights of unequal man to man passion! Then when all is finished, it vanishes...only to reappear in another sexual situation! The four pair of young dudes to benefit fro Ram's extraordinary, x-rated powers are Jamie Young, Shaun Peters, Bobbie Davis, Jesse Koehler, Matt, Todd Donahue, Michael Cummings, Kurt Batemen.


Bobby Davis
Jamie Young
Jesse Koehler
Kurt Bateman
Matt (Forrest)
Michael Cummings
Shawn Peters
Todd Donahue

Director: William Richhe
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