Lucky Youngsters - Sperm Kids 2 (mp4)

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First u/l more than 3 years ago as an avi. Don't be fooled by the youthful appearance of the lads in Sperm Kidz 2, they have the cocks of men - and they know how to use them. Three young guys are just sitting around talking, but the conversation soon starts to wander - and so do their hands! The lads strip off their tops to reveal their young, hairless bodies and, when cocks are freed from the confines of their jeans, they can't wait to get their mouths around the blue veined boners. Fingers snake round and slip between smooth buttocks to probe boy-buds, a teasing prelude before bare cock slips into the tight canal. One young twink is sandwiched between his two pals and pumped at both ends, before all three of them expel their seed. A snowball fight gets two friends a little hot and bothered. In a car, their playful game turns into a hot blowjob session. Putting the pedal to the metal, these two head home to continue their tussle where its warmer - the cock sucking continues until one lad offers up his arse for his pal to shove his bare cock deep inside him. It's a bump and grind session that ends when the two lads blowing their creamy spunk - one twink fills his belly button with the goo. Nice! Not bothering to go to the gym, a youngster decides on a little cardio work to get his blood pumping, but it seems to be heading straight for his cock. His pal can't fail to notice. The two guys come together with a passionate smooch session before discarding their tracksuits. Button nipples are licked and teased before one lad traces a saliva trail down his mate's body until he reaches his cock. It's a tasty treat as he gobbles it whilst pumping with his hand. The lads use the exercise bike for its intended purpose - riding - and one guy takes the other on the ride of his life as he peddles his bare cock right up his twinky arse! Three boys spend the afternoon drinking and, as the alcohol flows, their inhibitions go with it. They are soon smoking each other's cocks. All three stiffies are either sucked or wanked until one young guy is laid on the dining room table where, with a mate at each end, he is spit-roasted hard! His friends swap positions so each gets a go at stuffing his welcoming holes - pushing their bare dicks in for a coordinated mouth and anal fuck! Extremely cute twinks fuck raw until they spill copious amounts of boy-juice!

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2013-07-31 03:51:48
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