Jalif Studio - Enzo Milano and Stany Falcone - 1080p

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Enzo enters the abandoned building, scouting for a place where he can get properly fucked. Finding a good spot, Enzo goes in for the kiss and pulls out Stany’s already stiff cock. Stany shoves the full length of his cock into his warm throat and continues to slap his face with it.

Enzo takes his position and puts his hands against the wall of the abandoned building as Stany gets ready behind him. Pushing his cock against Enzo’s twitching hole, he enters with ease; you can hear his cheeks being pumped as he’s entered with the full force of Stany’s throbbing cock.

Pumping him harder and harder, Enzo moves over so he can put his hands on the floor and Stany can keep his cock fully inside him while he gets ready to blow his load. Slowing his momentum, you can tell he’s ready. He pulls out his cock and blows a hot load all over his bottoms back, throwing his head back in pleasure as he strokes the last load out of his leaking cock.

Enzo moved to the floor, not caring how uncomfortable the broken bricks were beneath his body. Stroking his cock, it doesn’t take long before his warm cum is blasting over his own stomach. He’s caught in a haze of pleasure as he slowly strokes his cock and the afterglow hits him.

Stany says his goodbye and leaves the room, leaving Enzo wanting more of that huge cock pumping him…

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