Don Juan: Sins of the Flesh

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Cast:  Ben Campezi, Carlo Cox, Chad Hunt, Sal Correlli, Danny Rhymes, Brett Collins, Michael Knight, Andrew Addams, Luke Scott, Alan Gregory, Antonio York, Mark Cirriano

Director:  Jett Blakk

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 28 min

Year: 2003

Studio :  Pacific Sun Entertainment

From Pacific Sun, this homoerotic descent into sinful pleasures offers a bevy of buff boys and packs quite a lot of heat - and man jizz. Despite some shaky production values, this one ought to appease your cravings quite amply.

We open with a tribute to American Beauty in which the infamous love stud Don Juan (Ben Campezi), bathed in red lighting, licks a rose and teases himself with it. We hear his foreign voice-over (subtitled for us in English) and while Loverboy strokes his bone and fingers his pried hole, he recounts the story of how he wandered through purgatory and wound up in hell.

Juan strolls down the halls of purgatory which, based on the mise-en-scène of our first pairing, looks an awful lot like a high school locker room, a place where hung jocks force kneeling studs to suck their big cocks. And since said hung jock here is played by Chad Hunt, you know there’s quite a heavy hunk of big-cock’d Chad meat for lucky Andrew Addams to savor and sit upon.

Down the hall in a rec room, two zoot-suited hombres (Carlo Cox and Sal Correlli) snap off their suspenders, tear off their wife beaters and give each other deep sloppy suck jobs and then fuck atop the pool table. The lighting in this scene isn’t particularly consistent, an indication of the not-quite-professional-level of technical finesse, but this horny Latino duo is hot enough to compensate.

Further along the corridor, Danny Rhymes espies a goateed solo stroker (Michael Knight) and offers to suckle it. After a mutual bone chug, Danny fucks Michael but good.

Next up, we find Juan fantasizing to the mirror reflection of a leather-harnessed denim-wearing bear hunk (Brett Collins). While these two are enjoying their mutually tasty cocksucking, four sizzling muscle-hunks arrive, faces ghoulishly painted like skulls, luscious cocks poised firm. They watch over as Juan plunders into Brett’s plush booty and subsequently surrenders his own hole to Brett’s power plunge. Soon, the skeletal quartet (Luke Scott, Alan Gregory, Antonio York, Mark Cirriano) starts stroking, but they’re here to snatch Juan… and we get to watch as he’s dragged by four of the yummiest creatures packing wood into the fiery pits of Hell (which, luckily for him, looks to be an eternity of nonstop buggery and cock-worshiping). Lucky bastard.
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