Czech Your Oil (avi) (vhs rip)

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Source: promotional material
In Czech Your Oil, the mechanics and salesmen at a Czech service station have sex with each other and their customers, leaving the cars to fix themselves!
First, Pavel Ondek hitches a ride with Michal Gola who is on his way to have his car tuned up. Pavel admits that he's a professional escort, and Michal cops to knowing Pavel was the soap dropping type. Michal parks the car in an open field just off the freeway where Pavel gives him an oral sample in the driver's seat. Pavel does it so well that he tags along with Michal to the service station. There, greasy mechanic Milan Lukes seductively probes Michal's intake manifold, inciting Michal and Pavel to want his overalled butt. But it's Pavel's butt that gets topped first by Michal, then by Milan over and over in the service bay. Back at the sales office, Jiri Panocha sells Petr Majer on some sporty accessories for his car and throws in bottoming for Petr on the office desk at no extra charge. Over in the parts department, Jiri Brozovsky searches for the right tool to repair Hlava Ladislav's car. He fondles some old licence plates, giving Hlava a major hint about what he's better at than repairing cars, and soon Jiri tops Hlava on a handy tarp. Finally, Ivan Plop wants sales manager Roman Senko to review his bill, but the charge gets approved when Roman tops Ivan in his private office!
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