Nextdoorstudios - Nextdoorbuddies - Wood Before Work

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Studio: Next Door Studios

Director: Rocco Fallon, Conrad Parker

Approximate Running Time: 02:14:40
Date Added: 2021-09-20

Released: 2021

After a friendly run and a quick dip in the pool, Brandon Anderson and Scott Finn still have some energy left for some bedroom sports. These fit running buddies both enjoy each other's fit bodies. Bookworm Anthony Moore is studying hard when Nic Sahara appears and convinces him that another subject needs more attention and that there is no way theory would match the learning you get from practice. Carter Woods is getting ready to get to work when Nic Sahara comes in and convinces him to stay a little longer for a passionate time. It's ok to be a little late to work when you have time at home. From paddleboards to pounding, Jay Tee and Leeroy Jones enjoy their day in the sun before going back to the house to have some fun.
2021-11-15 08:13:59
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