NakedSword X Rhyheim – VOYR – Alex Rosso fode Felipe Prado [UHD 4k - 2160p]

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Alex Rosso And Felipe Prado (00:24:32)

Naked Sword Originals, NakedSword X Rhyheim

Felipe Prado, Alex Rosso


Felipe Prado’s back is arched and his ass is up in the air as he waits for a self-stroking Alex Rosso to join him in bed. Once they’re together, Felipe enjoys every inch of Alex’s fat cock that’s pumped into his gaping mouth before turning around to have the hung top rim and bareback his tan-lined bubble butt. Felipe’s hole quickly becomes accustomed to his partner’s big dick, and, soon enough, the sound of Felipe’s moans is eclipsed by the overpowering claps of Alex pounding Felipe from behind. Alex continues to show off his impressive topping skills as he drills Felipe in multiple positions all while Felipe jerks himself off to the sensation of an oversized hard-on going in and out of his willing hole. Alex then pulls out just in time to coat his fuck buddy in sticky white ropes before Felipe soaks the bedding with his own load.

[UHD 4k - 2160p] VOYR – Alex Rosso fucks Felipe Prado

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