[Men of Odyssey/Pride Xplicit] Till He Comes

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This video was also distributed by Alpha Male.

The British are known for their stiff upper lips, but this Anglo-fuckfest proves that things can get rigid below the belt as well. Featuring a gaggle of British and South African men, Till He Comes is an ambitious effort that’s certainly pleasant to watch, but lacks the intense heat necessary for successful autoerotic endeavors.

Part travelogue, part porn, the film is big on sweeping shots of London’s tourist attractions. But behind the proper façade of the cityscape, young blokes are doing things that are making baby Jesus cry. The cast in this passion play is nothing to write home about, but there are a couple of hotties in the mix. Sexually speaking, this is standard issue homoeroticism - fans of kink and raunch will find the vanilla flavor a bit bland. Videography and lighting are top-notch, but sometimes get so artsy they detract from the action at hand.

If "curtains and ink" put the wiggle in your worm, you’ll go gaga over the ubiquitous foreskin and tattoos. Though the film may succeed in helping you milk a few pints of crank-cream from your stud-udder, it’s more likely to make you want to go to London on holiday.

Cast:  Dawson Bryson, Bastian Eade, Gary Stanley, Shaye Best, Matt Shane

Director:  Mike Esser

Video: Xvid 352x240 23.98fps [Stream 00]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 256Kbps [01) Audio Stream]
Running Time:  1:57:07
2011-03-22 23:40:10
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