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The bitch is back! Nearing its 10th anniversary, the "Link" franchise is the raunchiest director Chi Chi LaRue gets, and this installment, "Link V: The Evolution" (or is that devolution?), continues to raise the depravity bar (or is that lowers?) with raunch from a coterie of butch men. One of the best things (and there are many) is that each installment includes a good number of the best guys in the business and introduces a healthy dose of fresh meat as well. One of the best flicks I've seen this year, pure filth (just like I like it).

The opener features Bo Matthews, Tyler Saint and Nick Moretti in a scene that begins with watersports (the kind that comes out of a rubber hose), Tyler and Nick washing dirty-boy Bo's dirt-covered body clean, shoving the hose up his ass as a makeshift enema, Bo streaming the H20 out of his butt in a strong stream as Tyler and Nick manhandle his smooth body. Nick, a stunning hairy-chested hunk, drops to his knees to deep-throat Bo's dick, putting his whole body into the effort. Bo then unzips Tyler's jeans to release a gigantic cock to pleasure, Bo gorging appropriately as Nick looks on, waiting his turn. Bo and Nick then take turns sucking Tyler's big cock on their knees, Nick in close-eyed splendor, Bo pushing him out of the way when he wants more. Tyler takes up the rear and eats and slaps Bo's butt as Nick enjoys Bo's hot mouth on the other end. Nick has an elegant upcurving dong that seems to be custom-made for Bo's deep-throating gullet. Bo then rims Nick and Tyler's holes, Tyler's shiny and winking as Bo chews and tickles the spread-open hole with his goatee. More watersports, this time from human hoses, Bo and Tyler spraying their piss all over crouching Nick's hairy chest and into his mouth. Nick them sucks the just-drained cocks before fucking Bo's ass, standing, and then Tyler fucks him on his back as he also sucks on Nick's long cock. Tyler and Nick dump their spunk on Bo and he pops last.

Three gentlemen of distinction, Kevin Wiles, Blake Riley and Scott Tanner, are wearing high-class suits and drinking brandy from sifters as a broken chandelier flickers in a nearby corner. Their refined demeanor doesn't last long -- Kevin unbuttons his dress shirt to reveal hard nipples and a leather harness before the brandy is even finished. Scott and Blake rub on his irresistible tits, dropping trou to reveal kinky undergarments too: Blake is barely containing a rampant erection in his leather jockstrap, and Scott's big snake is soon freed as well. Kevin is in hog heaven, sucking each cock in turn as he sits in a "Masterpiece Theater"-style armchair, Blake and Scott kissing above as Kevin goes berserk on their dongs below. Gentlemen no longer, Blake goes to work on Scott's spectacular cock as Kevin continues his frantic work on Blake's super-hard bone, Kevin sweating up a storm at this point. Kevin then gets sucked by both Blake and Scott before getting fucked by Scott's big dong on the big armchair. Kevin slams his ass up and down on the large cock with enthusiasm, to say the least -- daddy rides that cock like it's the last one he'll ever get up his chute. It's sweaty, aggressive and hot as hell. Kevin wraps things up by fucking Blake, then a bit of auto-fellatio, and finally they all shoot their loads.

In what appears to be a meat locker, Steve Carlise and Josh Weston are suspended to the ceiling by their arms as Manuel Torres, wearing a butcher's apron, inspects the meat, sniffing and licking their asses, then sucking down their erections, Steve face-fucking Manuel's handsome face, Josh is kinder and gentler, slowly pushing his cock in and out of Manuel's bearded face. Freed from their restraints, the pink-bottomed boys suck down Manuel's big brown pinga, and then both get fucked, fisted and dildoed by topman Manuel until all three men spew their goo.

Nick Moreno, Bobby Williams, Chad Hunt, Tim Towers, Ken Mack, Dean Tucker and Eddie Diaz meet up for an orgy on and around some scaffolding for one of Chi Chi's patented orgies. The guys mix it up throughout, a few highlights: Chad reclining on a big Harley as Bobby swallows his hog, Eddie on his knees servicing Ken Mack, Tim sucking Dean, Bobby sucking Chad and Nick simultaneously, Ken eating Eddie's hole, Ken sucking Eddie's big black dick, Chad rimming all the guys in a line-up, Tim fucking Dean, Nick fucking Bobby, Chad fucking Eddie (super hot), Ken fucking Tim, and then Chad fucking Dean (as Dean yelps and hollers). Cum-shots all around on Dean (crouched) and Tim (on his back on the dirty floor).

Lex Sabre has a huge cock. It's in the league of Chad Hunt's, and he's stroking that monster as the next scene opens. He has dirt on his face and he's sitting in a pile of old boots, sniffing and chewing the leather of one well-worn pair. This activity makes his big dick even bigger. Ken Browning then enters the picture as a cop to investigate Lex's misdeeds (shoe thief and leather-chewer?). But Ken likes big dicks (who doesn't?) and his "Law & Order"-type interrogation soon gives way to cocksucking and getting his musclebutt stuffed full of Lex's huge cock after a brief bout of rimming from Lex.

Tommy Blade, Derrick Hanson, Park Wiley, Scott Spears, Robert Thorn and Cole Ryder are all gussied up in leather togs for a rough-and-tumble boot black scene. Excellent sucking and rimming by all, and then Derrick fucks Robert, Park pounds Tommy and Scott fucks Robert. The chemistry between Park and Tommy is particularly amazing throughout the scene.

One of my favorite scenes is a three-way with Cole Ryan, Tyler Riggz and Blake Nolan. It's a simple scene, really: they all trade blows and rims, and then the big men fuck little Cole three ways from Sunday, but the intensity is ferocious here. And when Blake deep-throats Tyler's giant dong as Tyler pours beer down on his cock, flooding his pubes and Blake's mouth with cock and brewskie, it is a priceless moment. The finale has the big men cramming Cole's tiny butt with beer for an enema and then their hard cocks.

The big finale, Steve Cruz as a dog boy, begins with Steve's leg lifted up doggy-style peeing on a fire hydrant. The dog gets a bone next, a long brown one from Joe Strong, a tattooed tough guy. Matt Majors joins in and shoves his many inches into Steve's mouth, then big man Brendan Davies feeds Steve as Matt enjoys Joe, and vice versa. Johnny Hazzard joins the fray and Steve goes down on him just as quickly as he did the others. The all go from cock to cock, turning in great work, Steve an unstoppable force of nature, but Johnny working hard to one-up him every chance he gets. Brendan then gets a deep rim from Johnny as he gulps down Joe. Dog boy Steve gets pissed on by all the guys, taking Brendan's in his mouth and then spitting it out. They kiss and then Brendan sucks Steve's piss-wet cock and licks his piss-soaked chest and stomach. Most of the guys have a go in Steve and Johnny's asses, fucking them all over the big room. The epilogue has Steve getting a piss enema as the screen flashes to close.

A DVD Review by Butch Harris ( hxxp://www.ManNet.com )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***


Tommy Blade ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/b/i_stars/Blade_Tommy )
Ken Browning ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/b/o_stars/Browning_Ken )
Steve Carlisle ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/c/a_stars/Carlisle_Steve )
Steve Cruz ( hxxp://www.SteveCruzXXX.com )
Brendan Davies ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/93595 )
Eddie Diaz
Derrick Hanson ( hxxp://www.DerrickHanson.com )
Johhny Hazzard ( hxxp://www.HazzardXXX.com )
Chad Hunt ( hxxp://groups.yahoo.com/group/ChadHunt )
Ken Mack ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/a_stars/Mack_Ken )
Matt Majors ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/a_stars/Majors_Matt )
Nick Marino ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/a_stars/Marino_Nick )
Bo Matthews ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/101347 )
Kevin Miles ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/i_stars/Miles_Kevin )
Nick Moretti ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/m/o_stars/Moretti_Nick )
Blake Nolan ( hxxp://www.BlakeNolanXXX.com )
Tyler Riggz ( hxxp://www.TylerRiggz.com )
Blake Riley ( hxxp://www.myspace.com/nstinctualboi05 )
Cole Ryan ( hxxp://www.myspace.com/coleryanxxx )
Cole Ryder
Lex Sabre ( hxxp://www.myspace.com/lexsabrexxx )
Tyler Saint ( hxxp://bigmuscle.com/97370 )
Josh Weston ( hxxp://groups.yahoo.com/group/joshwestonfans )
Scott Spears ( hxxp://members.aol.com/ScottSpearsXXX )
Joe Strong
Scott Tanner ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/t/a_stars/Tanner_Scott )
Robert Thorn
Manuel Torres ( hxxp://www.smutjunkies.com/profiles/t/o_stars/Torres_Manuel )
Tim Towers ( hxxp://www.TimTowers.net )
Dean Tucker ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/t/t_stars/Tucker_Dean )
Josh Weston ( hxxp://groups.yahoo.com/group/joshwestonfans )
Park Wiley ( hxxp://smutjunkies.com/profiles/w/i_stars/Wiley_Park )
Bobby Williams ( hxxp://www.BobbyWilliamsXXX.com )

Duration : 03:40:12 (Disk 1)
Duration : 03:03:36 (Disk 2)
Duration : 02:40:51 (Disk 3)

Resolution : 720x544
Codec : XviD MPEG-4 codec
FPS : 29,97
BitRate : 1106 Kbps
Quality Factor : 0,10 b/px

Codec : ATSC/A-52 Dolby AC3
Number of channels : 2
Sample Rate : 48000 Hz
BitRate : 192 Kbps

A real HOT Movie and a MUST for all Fetish Lovers!

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