BTSPASS - Oliver BF (Scenes 10 & 11)

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Hetero Oliver is in a panic in this position. He's fully naked and restrained to a medical exam table. Even though he's a very strong tough man there's nothing he can do to stop us from having a fiddle with his sexy thick dick and big juicy eggs. His penis is so sensitive that all it takes is some gentle tugging to till it grows tumescent and this bad boy is desperate to get off. He stares in fury at how we can control his sex drive so easily. And he is horrified watching as instead of being allowed to ejaculate his shaft is bound with chop sticks. Even though he's in immense pain the restraints don't allow his erection to soften. All that pent up sperm is also trapped as his testicles are tightly clipped. This is the most agonizing sensation he's ever felt in his life. His glans strain shiny and purple as his precious cock is completely flattened. His genitals are fully in our control now!

This bastard will do anything for release but that means having his dick completely flattened as these sticks are mercilessly yanked off. As we do this we discover the luscious precum that's seeped out after his cock was stimulated! He howls in pain as each of the sticks are slid off from his genitals. That's nothing compared to the sensation of his testicles being caged between two pieces of Perspex so we can see how his round globes are completely flattened. His penis is covered in pegs so all that silky flesh is cruelly pinched. His entire naked body is trembling from the unbearable tension. With his pride and joy thorough stitched up and in constant pain, we raise his arse so its perilously available for our sadistic desire. That bum is mercilessly rammed with a big thick dildo attached to a power tool so his fucking is persistent and unending! At the same time his arse cheeks are given such a hard whacking he won't be able to sit down without wincing for weeks. Oliver futilely shouts and pleads for us to stop but we're going to punish this straight cunt till his pristine body is completely destroyed!
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