LavenderLounge - Derrick Hanson & Cy Stone

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Big, hunky top Derrick Hanson has been very helpful to us at Lavender Lounge. Not only is he fun to film, but he’s a super nice guy and we’ve known him long before he was the masculine, tattooed muscle jock that he is today. This guy loves sex and gets turned on by the idea of getting paid to do it on camera. And why not? He’s definitely got the body and attitude for it. He’s actually very active in hunting out the bottoms he wants to fuck for us. This time, the young Daddy has brought us Cy Stone, another one of his personal fuck buddies/discoveries. Cy doesn’t have many hang-ups about sex, which is good if you want to make it in porn and get called back for more work. Derrick and Cy fit together like hand and glove and the two put more than just a few stains on our blue couch!

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2013-07-22 12:51:44
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