BWN's Armageddon Vendetta Vortex Storm

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Unabashed, Indisputable and Unadulterated Storm aka Yuri Lennox, has been a standout performer at BWN for over a decade.  Specializing in submission wrestling, often nude, aggressive and erect, Storm has set a high benchmark in the productions marketed to a gay audience. His current physique belies his age in several of the clips below.  While there is no sex, the eroticism of all his performances is maintained.  I love chocolate and the Vortex is full of it.  Enjoy!

Vortex Descent of Apex with Storm
XTRA! 22 Inferno Taken by Storm
Cracked Up 5 Storm vs. Romeo
Armageddon 1 Storm vs 404 Life
Exotic Wrestling 10 Storm vs. Xtasy
Exotic Wrestling 11 Storm vs Inferno
Vendetta 2 Breaking Quake with Storm and Jack Flash
Vendetta 3 Bishop and Virgo vs Storm

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