ColbysCrew – The Hockey Tournament Part 1 – Mateo Fucks Tobias James

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Tobias James and Mateo have gone out of town for a hockey tournament. They’ve just arrived, exhausted, at the condo they’re staying at. Talking about chicks and tits, they open some beers and hang out around the dining room table. From afar, the coach berates the and orders them to bed as they have a game early the next day.
Obligingly, the guys call it a night… Cut away to the room that Mateo and Tobias are sharing. While both are sleeping quietly in their beds, Tobias awakens and reaches over for his cell phone, checks the time and looks over to make sure his roommate is sound asleep. He opens an app and starts to check out some porn. Tobias is horny as fuck. He moves the bed covers down, clearing a path to his underwear-covered bulging cock. He pulls on his rod and starts jerking off. Meanwhile, a slumbering Mateo opens an eye and notices his hunky bunk mate stroking his dick. Quietly, he watches and quickly becomes aroused. He reaches inside his sheets and starts to play with his own swelling tool. Tobias, soon realizes he’s been caught. He turns his head only to see a grinning Mateo checking him out.
Tobias waves him to come over. Mateo, gets out of bed. He’s stark naked and moves towards Tobias, joining him under the sheets. They start kissing and seconds later, Tobias is going down on his buddy’s stiff rod. Mateo looks like the cat who swallowed a mouse. He’s in bliss. His teammate is showing him just how skilled he is at sucking a rock-hard dick. Tobias then moves around and starts giving his teammate a spit-drenched rim job that sends the Italian stallion into the far reaches of sexual bliss. The atmosphere is intense. Tobias spits on and fingers Mateo’s starving hole. Once Mateo’s hole has been fully serviced, Tobias passes him the torch. It’s now Mateo’s turn to get on his knees to suck his partner’s sizable cock.
Mateo eagerly worships his buddy’s cock. He soon tells his teammate that he’s itching to fuck his tight hole. Not missing a beat, Tobias lies face down and lets Mateo have his way. Mateo thrusts his bone-hard rod into Tobias’ hungry ass. While his cock is buried deep inside the expanding hole, Tobias squirms with pleasure, letting his teammate takes full charge. Mateo is forcefully pounding his new boy toy. His fucking progressively intensifies and becomes aggressive. Tobias has surrendered his ass to this relentless assault…. moaning for more. Mateo shows no mercy. He’s riding his boy non-stop. Tobias’ ass is now in complete servitude. As he jerks his thick cock, Mateo’s butt plunging action finally pushes him over the edge. He shoots a load that spews across his abs. Also on the brink, Mateo pulls out of his partner’s ass and gets the kid to jack him off. Seconds later, he explodes.
Spent, Mateo then tells Tobias that he’s heading off to take a shower. Little does he know what awaits him there in the bathroom…
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