Le Salon- Never Big Enough (Marathon Films) (Pre-Condom) (1985)

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Le Salon presents a Marathon Film. Very X-Rated. Asshole Buddies on the loose! This sizzling feature film, to be quite frank, is light on plot... but very, very heavy on hot humping and pumping! Two horny asshole buddies (Kevin Collins and newcomer, Dana Pearson) relate their sexual conquests (and other X-rated tales), after spreading their buttholes wide 'n often over a long, wired weekend! The line-up of big superstuds is the choicest.

This is the one with Chris Thompson as the nerd with the pens and the 'dick of death' (says Kevin Collins); he is a riot, particularly in his first appearance. This is also the one where Dana Pearson talks his head off (before scenes 1 and 3) as a coked-up wired student/party boy: his non-stop chatter for three minutes in the film intro is hysterical, and with the fun music track, it succeeds in conveying a sense of mid-80s L.A. gay culture, like other McCabe videos of that same year (e.g. New Wave Hustlers and Totally Awesome). The sex however is not really up to par. And the frequent blanks in the live sound reveal the poor conditions under which the video was shot. The film begins to collapse midway through scene 4 (when nerdy Chris Thompson who was already naked is suddenly wearing a jockstrap and a hockey shirt, for no reason whatsoever), and scene 5 is an awfully botched mess, which is a shame for Jeremy Scott and Michael Cummings, two of the best gay performers of the decade.


Brian Thompson
Chris Thompson
Dana Pearson
Jeremy Scott
Kevin Collins
Michael Cummings
Michael Souza

Director: David McCabe
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