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Etherium Heist. Appears after completing "An elusive foe".
Garth (After killing Arihama)
Reach the second floor
Bribing the pplice. After this mission, Garth will ask us to walk around the streets of Akra to keep an eye on the police (if the mission was successful). These scenes are not implemented yet, don't try to search for them.
Personal talk
New Character from Weaver Tier Winner: Asmodeo. A week must have passed since you killed Arihama to have the first encounter with Asmodeo. There is a 50% chance that he will appear when you go to your room if the ship is in space. To continue, visit Rylan's room when he is there (if Rylan is not part of your crew skip this step). Then go down to the B floor and finally go to the bridge. Asmodeo will join your crew automatically. To kick him out travel to Akra or Sithyrya and talk to him. He will be available in the dormitories with the following conversations:
o How did you get here?
o Explain to him what you are. Appears after “How did you get here”
o Gehenna
o Questions
o Slaves
o Work. For this option to appear we must have opened the Galactic Union missions, located in the bridge.
o Payday. Appears after “Work”
o Shopping. To make it appear: after giving him his first pay in "Payday" go to Akra and wait one day.
o Respect. It appears at the same time as Shopping, but you do not need to return to Akra.
o Toys. Asmodeo will want to test with you the toys he has bought. This option only appears if we accept to be his slave in the "Slaves" conversation and after finishing the "Toys" conversation. We need the "bondage" kink enabled.
o Ask to be released from chastity. If chastity is activated and we are not wearing any chastity device, he will put it on us during the "Toys" conversation. We can ask him to remove it, but it will reduce our friendship.
o Suck my dick. It appears if we try to make him our slave during the "Slaves" conversation and we are not wearing a chastity device.
o Asmodeo will have conversations with some members of the crew, to see them simply go to visit the following characters/places: "Katari in the Workshop", "Sammuel", "Lunchroom", "Feraldo", "Chip after buying a body from him".
Watch TV. You can now watch TV in your room to see the news, the option is activated after Katari repairs the ship. Some of them are updated depending on your actions with Garth. You need to watch the news to activate the GuShop (if you didn't activate it when watching TV at Egon's house). It is necessary to buy Chip's body. You can only watch TV on planets where there is service, so for now it is only available on Akra.
Extra content: Chip. After activating the Gushop (see Watch TV above). You can click on the banner on the left to open the store and buy Chip. You can buy 1 model and accessories (there will be more in the future, both accessories and configuration options) and also the programs that will give him "Traits" for the missions. Once purchased go to the cargo bay (while you are not in the L-17 comet as it is a secret location) to receive the package and configure his body.
o Relationship. You can establish what kind of relationship you will have with him. If your respect with the crew is -15 or lower you will have no choice. Otherwise, you can choose between 2 or 3 (depending on your role) and you can change it at any time.
o Re-configure. You can change Chip's appearance from this option whenever you want.
o Arthur.
o Sex scenes with Chip and an updated club scene will be available in the next version.
More Katari Jokes: Feraldo,
For Tier Meta-Human or higher. Chip sprites have been added to the Gallery > Characters.
Ethereum. Acquired in the Garth/Galiano missions. It will be available in the ship's missions in the future with a very low probability. And will be used in the manufacture of advanced weapons and armor.
The Club's Rock, Blues, and Chill songs have been replaced by music created by Kafka.
- Asmodeo.
- Chip.
Fixed multiple scenes where female characters were incorrectly addressed.
You could capture a Graul without creating reinforced cells.
You could start Arihama quests with Arthur while Bradley was on your ship (in the prison). Now you can only start these quests with Arthur if you kill Bradley.
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