Amateur Straight Guys Bosco Brock & Spence

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Bosco, Brock, & Spence
We thought it would be hot to have three horny guys get into bed together naked to start this video off. All the guys were watching some porn on tv and all got pretty "large" if you know what I mean. Tent's were raised for sure as we had the guys keep the top sheet over themselves for fun. Bosco who has an ongoing video "thing" with Spence was sure eyeing that hard cock Spence was sporting and after a bit he just couldn't resist touching it. Brock who watched for a bit felt like reaching out and touching someone too but by that time sucking on Spence's dick was the thing to do. Spence really enjoyed having two guys take turns on his member so we had the guys tease Brock by springing an offer on him that he considered and agreed to...with some serious convincing from us. Without getting into the details I'll just tell ya that some salad was tossed and you'll never guess by who! Enjoy.
2013-07-27 01:19:41
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