Men’s Rush TV – B B史上MAX級の上反りメガマラと美アナルを責めまくる!! – BOB-110

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A new label "ONATARING EX" created only for "I want to see straight men's lasciviousness! A new label [ONATARING EX] CASE:40, created only for those who "want to see the perversion of straight men!
Would you like to turn your masturbation into money? The handsome guys are all waiting for their turn to be invited by such a sweet offer, [Onataring EX] CASE:40 Happy New Year 2023, everyone who has a big dick fetish! Here it comes! It's huge! Shinji, the biggest megamale in B.B. history, is a big cock! Shinji is a handsome boy with a single-layered face and a childlike appearance, with an amazingly thick cock dangling from it. He has a sleek, well-muscled body with a big dick that is so big it's hard for him to react to it, but he does! His cock is so big it's hard to get a good reaction out of him, but he's more responsive than most boys of his size.

With his hands restrained, his body is manipulated, and erotic words are whispered in his ear... Shinji's heavy megamalexible cock swells up, and he feels it bouncing and twitching. I can't stop cumming just from that! His highly viscous cumshot never runs out and drips all the way to the's just too erotic.... He is blamed with an electric horn and says, "I'm about to cum..." His waist is shattered, and his legs are shaking from the cock vibrator.

She is so horny that she is afraid to give out her cock....... He cock is shaking when he touches Shinji's ass, which is still in ecstasy from the electric horns and the thick blowjob. Shinji's ass is being tortured and stopped again and again, and he is so exhausted that he cries out in pleasure from the three-point assault.

He spurts out "Oh, no! He spurts his thick sperm over and over again! It's too erotic to see a straight guy who usually works hard at club activities getting pleasured by a guy ^^ I'd like to see him having sex with a girl next time ^^♪♪

P.S. We were the perverted staff who had a sore jaw the next day from having such a big dick.......

「普段のオナニーをお金に変えてみませんか?」そんな甘い誘いにイケメン達がこぞって順番待ちの【オナタリングEX】CASE:40 巨根フェチの皆さん、2023年明けましておめでとうございます!!お待たせ致しましたー! とにかデカい!! B.B史上最MAX級のメガマラ男子、シンジ君をトコトン責めまくっちゃいます^^♪ 勃っていなくてもデカいズル剥けのエロチン!MAX時18cm!!驚異の太デカマラをぶら下げる一重のまだあどけない童顔イケメンのシンジ君。すらっとした程よい筋肉の艶めかしいカラダにふてぶてしい程のメガマラがなんともめちゃエロい!!ここまでデカいとなかなか反応が良くないけど、むしろ普通サイズの男の子より反応が凄い^^

手を拘束された状態でカラダをまさぐられ、耳元でエロい言葉を囁かれると…重たそうなメガマラがムクムク膨張し反り返った極太マラをビクんビクんさせ感じまくるシンジ君。もうそれだけでガマン汁が止まらない!めちゃ粘度の高いガマンは切れることなく床までタラ〜、エロ過ぎます…。電マで責められ「なんか出ちゃいそう、、」と腰砕け、チンコバイブに脚ガクブル 笑

濃厚フェラではパンパンに膨れ上がったカリをゴリゴリ擦り付けるように自ら腰を動かし感じまくる!!まだまだ終わらない電マと濃厚フェラ責めに恍惚の表情で感じでいるシンジ君のアナルを触るとチンコがビクビク♪ゆっくり指を入れると「あっ、、」と切ない声を上げながらガマン汁まで…。アナルを責められながら何度も何度も寸止めをされて、もうヘロヘロのシンジ君^^ 3点責めの快感にアンアン泣いちゃうサッカー男子、可愛い過ぎます^^♪

最後は我慢の限界でカラダをヒクつかせながら「あー、ヤバー!」っと、濃厚な精子を何度もドピュドピュと大量噴射!!普段は真面目に部活を頑張るノンケ男子が男に弄ばれ快感にグッタリする姿はエロ過ぎます^^ 今度は女の子とエッチしている姿も見てみたいなぁ^^♪

P.S あまりのメガマラに翌日アゴを痛めた変態スタッフでした…。
2023-03-18 17:34:56
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