[New Age Video] Three Brothers

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Three Brothers is a collection of four unrelated vignettes in the style of the early 80s 8mm loops. But, what an improvement Sam Slam and Gino Colbert have added to the craft. The two directors have done an incredible job in showcasing the talents of Vince, Shane and Hal Rockland. This film is their vehicle, and what a vehicle it is. Without a doubt Three Brothers is one film that we will be talking about for years to come.

"Cabin Fever" written and directed by Sam Slam.

Paul Carrigan's magnificent cock is being serviced by Sharon Mitchell when there's a knock on the door. (This is the only scene in which one of the women does anything sexual. It lasts 30 seconds at best.) It's Vince Rockland and he's soaking wet after his car breaks down during a storm. Conveniently the telephone line is dead, Vince can't call for help and he has to get out of his wet clothes. Paul and Vince have and obvious attraction. Once Sharon is asleep Paul slips out of the bedroom and spies Vince who is beating off on the sofa. After some hesitation on Paul's part, the two are fucking and sucking with wild abandon in front of the fire. Vince eats Paul's ass before filling that hole with his big cock. Carrigan loves that dick up his butt and begs for more.

"Body Parts" written and directed by Sam Slam.

Anthony Gallo is filling in for Susan as he delivers parts to Shane Rockland. They start talking about how Susan always delivers that something extra. Soon Shane and Anthony are comparing dick sizes and, to help Shane get his dick hard for an accurate measurement, Anthony goes down on Shane's humongous dick. Anthony then tells Shane he's got to have that big dick in his ass. Shane is not about to turn down this offer. Lots of body licking and cock sucking by Shane lead up to his eating and plugging Anthony's hot hole. Shane fins out that Anthony, on top of being a great fuck, is Susan's husband.

"Three Men and A Blond" written and directed by Sam Slam

Derek Cameron gets to share a room with all three Rockland brothers. The scene is absolutely incredible. Derek's cute blond ass and willing mouth are filled by one hard Rockland brother after another and all three at the same time. There is definitely a new height in arousal as the three of them pop one after another on Derek's abs and pecs. The three of them use Cameron as the sex pig he wants to be.

"Hard Help is Good to Find" written and directed by Gino Colbert

Vince and Shane are house painters who have been fucking the mistress of the house. They are just about ready to boff the missus when son Kevin (Paul Morgan) comes in. He's home for summer vacation. Later, Vince and Shane find Kevin alone in his room and are intent upon showing him just as good a time as they have been showing his mother. Paul has his mouth and ass stretched by both Shane and Vince. Without a doubt Paul Morgan is the best verbal bottom of the film. There is absolutely no doubt that he loves those Rockland dicks rammed up his man pussy. To show it, he shoots his load and smears his, Vince's and Shane's cum all over his torso. Winner of Three 1998 GayVN Awards and Six 1998 Geva Awards!
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