BCH - Cumplemented by Beefcake Allan

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Cumplemented by Beefcake Allan was very satisfying in many ways. First, I love how sure of himself he is when talking about sex, and for sure, he used that give the best of him in his first anal performance at the BCH arena. Among many things that turn me on working here at BeefCakeHunter Land is to know when the subject Beefcake hasn't done anal in a while or, even better, hasn't ever done it. In this case, Beefcake Allan falls in the first category; very inspiring.

When I started servicing him, I was very playful with him, and he got along very well with that, and if you noticed, I even talked to him a few words in Spanish; yeah, this cute cowboy knows a word or two of my mother tongue. He told me that he loves Latin girls. This cutie gave me the proper attention while I was licking his big balls and enjoying his veiny cock. He looked at the porn playing just a few times while softly moaning. Then he stood up and gave me a nice face-fuck! What an excellent way of being Cumplemented by Beefcake Allan.

Then we moved to the couch, where I put myself on my fours while he pounded me well. Here you have a complete vision of this sexy man; for the Feet Lover Hunters, Beefcake Allan's sexy feet are fully displayed. We also glanced at his big butt while he was nailing me. Hearing his heavy breathing made me want him closer to my neck, so I pulled him on top of me for the rest of the fuck session. I couldn't hold myself, and I ventured to suck his fingers. He penetrated me slowly but deeply, and I loved it! The fucking got intense by the minute, but I never expected him to cum like that, I was in disbelief because he even continued pounding me after he cum.
2023-07-06 20:41:40
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